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There has not been an open market for trainers and fitness gurus to make money online, outside of owning their own pay site.

There has not been a fitness community where fitness enthusiasts can search for their favorite
athlete’s profile and purchase their workout routine or diet plan

…until now! is searching for “trainers” who’d like to make some extra money or just get more exposure in the fitness community.

We are looking for accomplished male and female athletes and bodybuilders who have a social media presence in the fitness industry to fill out our short online application to become one of our “trainers”.

We refer to everyone who is accepted as a trainer for the simple fact that they are giving their personal advice to help others in our fitness community.

To sum it up, we are creating a community where fitness enthusiasts can come to seek knowledge from their favorite fitness gurus. Trainers can share their advice for free (in exchange for more exposure to their name, website, and /or social media profiles) or sell it and collect 80% of each sale! Even if a trainer doesn’t plan on selling their training articles, we encourage them to sign up to promote themselves and their website through our fitness community. We encourage trainers to add their website and social media links in their profile. As our community grows, those links will gain them more and more exposure and increase their SEO rankings.

If you’d like to become a trainer, please fill out our simple online application and we will get back to you shortly if accepted.

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