So I Think I’m Going To Fire This Thing Back Up

I never really got rolling with my blog because, well…quite honestly, I had a girlfriend and didn’t have time to. A little over a month ago this changed. I found some Facebook messages between her and another guy she worked with where she said she loved him. This is the first time I’m really saying anything to anyone other than my close friends/family. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. I’ve never really cared for someone like that before. It was really my first real relationship. I’ve had plenty of relationships in the past, but this was really the first girl I could see myself marrying.

Now I never look at anything negatively. Yes, I was cheated on and it sucks majorly. I’m still to this day really hurt by it. I’ve never really been depressed like I have been lately ever in my life. I tend to be a happy person so this is a rare feeling for me. But I always look toward the positive side of things. I appreciate all the good times we had. I learned a ton about relationships while I was with her and even more now that I’m not. It’s quite the humbling experience. I’m using my time now to really focus on myself. I’m putting my energy back into fitness and my business. I’m working on becoming a better person…a better man. I want my next relationship to prosper from my past relationship and everything I’m working on in my life now. I feel as though I grew up from this whole thing as weird as that may sound.

AS far as my fitness goal goes, I want to be 175 LBS by Christmas. I’ve always wanted to be around that weight, my whole life. Now is the time. I’m doing pretty good so far. I’m about 165-169 LBS now from a start weight of 163 LBS about 15 days ago and working out like a man on a mission.

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How I Got My Eight Pack

I figured I’d open up this blog with the 5 key elements to my abdominal results:

1. Don’t over do it! The abs, just like any other muscles need time to grow. Give your abs a minimum of two days rest after workout. Believe it or not, resting is what actually makes your muscles grow.

2. Eat more times per day. If you eat small meals spread out through the day, your body will be able to use that energy for what it needs rather then overloading yourself at once to ultimately become stored as fat.

4. Work the rest of your body too! Don’t neglect the rest of your muslces because you want to get rid of that beer gut. Make sure you are working your other muscle groups as well. In turn your abs will grow.

5. Work them till it hurts! When you are performing your abdominal exercises, make sure you are struggling for that last crunch or last leg raise. Pushing yourself will make you stronger. Personally, I get to the point where it’s hard to breathe at the end of my sets.

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