How I Got My Eight Pack

I figured I’d open up this blog with the 5 key elements to my abdominal results:

1. Don’t over do it! The abs, just like any other muscles need time to grow. Give your abs a minimum of two days rest after workout. Believe it or not, resting is what actually makes your muscles grow.

2. Eat more times per day. If you eat small meals spread out through the day, your body will be able to use that energy for what it needs rather then overloading yourself at once to ultimately become stored as fat.

4. Work the rest of your body too! Don’t neglect the rest of your muslces because you want to get rid of that beer gut. Make sure you are working your other muscle groups as well. In turn your abs will grow.

5. Work them till it hurts! When you are performing your abdominal exercises, make sure you are struggling for that last crunch or last leg raise. Pushing yourself will make you stronger. Personally, I get to the point where it’s hard to breathe at the end of my sets.

8 thoughts on “How I Got My Eight Pack

  1. Dear sir what should i do exercise for my lower & upper abdominal in a day,if there have any diet chart than please see me the actual path. sir i want to be a model figure,how can i forward myself

  2. ok im 14 and i have an eight pack… i litterally donnt do anything besides whaht a regular freshman does. i dont even work out and i have and eight pack and naturally fit… ok i guess im just one of those lucky ppl….my suggestion is if u want an 8-pack….get religion….lol

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