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A small amount of you came here knowing who I am. The majority, I’m guessing, didn’t. So let me explain. I’m really not that important of a guy, maybe in my own little world, but that’s besides the point. So if you don’t want to read further, really, it won’t bother me too much. But for those of you that are persistent, well, I’ll give you what you came here for.

To sum it up in a sentence, I’m a computer geek workaholic perfectionist guy who just happens to be into fitness. This is your Cliff’s Notes version. Feel free to walk away now and get the jist of who I am.

Hey, you’re still reading. Stalker. Ok well, like I said, I’m a computer geek, hence this website. It actually all started with this website you know. What started? Well, I’ll tell you. My business did. Yes, that’s the thing that consumes me most of the time. When that doesn’t consume me, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful girl friend (hopefully I won’t have ot edit this later, lol), working out (obviously), playing video games (mostly Gears Of War 2), or watching sports (NFL or UFC mostly).

Oh, you wanted to know how things started with this site? Alright, I get asked this quite a bit, so maybe I can just direct everyone here and save some time in the future. Back in my college years I started this site as just a hobby after taking a computer science class. I had to make a personal site for our lab class and it actually turned into what you see here today. It was a long progression however, and started out very different than what you see here today. Originally, I stumbled across a way to earn a little extra cash, which came in handy for sure during those college days. I’m going to be totally blunt here and just say it, gay dudes like muscles. They just appreciate the male body more than girls do…unfortunately for us straight guys. Don’t let your mind wonder too much though. I didn’t get naked or anything. But I did have a members area with more photos and videos of myself flexing, doing workout routines, and modeling. It was a nice little bonus and helped pave the way to start my next venture where I asked my buddies to do the same thing I did which is now CamWithHim.com. Then soon after I started the female version CamWithHer.com and soon my little internet empire began. I now run the classiest, most high end cam sites out there, which I am very proud of. Now I’m getting into other projects with a Fantasy Football Blog (site is in hiatus at the moment), Cam Chat, a Modeling Community, and a site coming soon called CamDuel. I’d like to see the more mainstream projects take off.

Enough about my business, fitness is where it all began for me, and I want to get back into talking about it and helping others. Feel free to post comments or questions you may have on here if you need help with anything. I’m here to help.

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