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About Us

You probably heard about us from friends and other fitness guys or girls…we have a huge following.

We are just like you. 

We love bodybuilding, we love training, we love working out, we love the feeling of the pump, and the ripped muscles we get.

BUT…We hate the drugs in the gym.

…not just any drugs, we mean STEROIDS – the stuff that will ruin your health.

Obsession can overcome reason and many people turn to Steroids, which have horrible side-effects – YET…THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!

We spent the last 5 years developing and bringing to market the best legal alternatives to hardcore AAS and PHs.  Our products are the most hardcore natural alternatives on the market today.

Our goals are:

  • Get you a shredded, clean-cut Eight Pack of abs.
  • Get you the washboard abs, the huge arms and the big shoulders and chest you want.
  • Make you lean and hard
  • Give you amazing stamina in the gym
  • Make you popular (LOL! Yes when you look good you get popular)

We created EightPack Fitness for you guys.  So THANKS for your support!

😊 We really appreciate it.

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