The Muscle Recomp Cycle

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What is it?

The Muscle Recomp Cycle is designed to help you rebalance your body. You will rebuild your testosterone and estrogen ratio, while getting amazing results at the gym.

It will inhibit the Aromatase enzyme that increases estrogen in the body and STOPS testosterone from becoming estrogen. At the same time, it boosts your testosterone levels and makes you feel strong and powerful.

The power of Dekzol with the Test-base of Testzol will help you get that strong feeling of being young again.

Who is it designed for?

If you want to recomp your body and rebuild your life, this is the stack for you. We designed it to help you balance your T/E ratios, get your body back in shape and get stronger, harder.

The main buyers of this stack are men over 40 who want to get back into the gym and feel great. It’s a great 1st cycle for guys in the 40s age group.

How do I use it?

The cycle has 2 products Dekzol and Testzol

On Training days:

Dekzol – 2 tablets – in the morning after your breakfast (or 1st meal of day)

Testzol – 1 capsule -15 before your workout

Testzol – 1 capsule – right before your workout (1min before)

On rest days (Non-training days):

Dekzol – 2 tablets – in the morning after your breakfast (or 1st meal of day)

Testzol – 2 capsules -in afternoon after your lunch (or 2nd meal of day)


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